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Conference Centre - Facilities

Hotel „Alex” is a new facility in Zamość, situated in the ok. 1500 meters from the historic old town, in a quiet, peaceful area.
The location offers an easy access to the most attractive places in Zamość and facilitates the departure to a further tour of the beautiful Roztocze. In our facility you will organize vacations, training, a conference, an integration party, a wedding or other family celebration.
Our guests are offered services in Polish and English. We have 68 places in hotel rooms for 1,2,3, 4 persons and 2 suites. Each room has a bathroom, a television, a telephone and an internet wire. We also have our own free parking lot for guests cars and buses / 100 cars /.


Available to you we have 3 conference rooms fully equipped with multimedia. The hotel has a beautiful restaurant, which will serve dishes of Polish and international cuisine and a carefully chosen selection of spirits. The hotel bar offers a wide choice of beverages, including regional beer.

In the summer catering also takes place in the shade of umbrellas of the restaurant's garden. Interested Guests are offered a variety of attractions and entertainment. We provide tourist information on the spot.

In order to make the stay in our facility more attractive, we can also organize :

  • a barbecue party
  • outdoor events
  • kayaking trips
  • cycling tours with an ornithologist
  • trips over of the Tanev
  • trips along the Orthodox churches
  • visits to Zamość with a guide dressed in a costume of a noble man
  • a trip to Lviv
  • trips to the stud farm
  • shows of the knights
  • organizing an event with a  DJ or a band
  • other events on special request of the guests

We sincerely invite You

The Conference-Hotel ,,Alex” is a perfect base to explore Roztocze.

Roztocze is a range of hills covered with forests, cut with gorges and valleys of streams and rivers, separating the Lublin Upland the  Sandomierz Basin. Poland's largest number of sunny days, many monuments make it a true paradise for those seeking peace, away from the busy city. The wealth of the landscapes of Roztocze is proved by the creation in this area of the Roztoczański National Park, 5 natural parks and several reserves. Our facility is a wonderful base for day trips to the region of West and Central Roztocze
We particularly recommend :

  • Tour to Zamość
  • The reserve ,,Szum”, in Górecko Kościelne
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Krasnobród
  • Museum of Guciów
  • The Nowiny Reserve
  • Church on the water, in Zwierzyniec
  • The reserve ,,Czrtowe Pole”
  • The reserve ,,Piekiełko”
  • ,,Florianka” - breeding of Polish small horse near Zwierzyniec

More information can be found on the site of the city: www.zamosc.pl or visit the Tourist Information of the Center of Zamość: www.zoit.zamosc.pl

We look forward to your arrival and will make all efforts to ensure you have nice memories from our hotel.

22-400 Zamość
ul. Okrzei 32
tel. +48 / 84/ 627 27 11

tel.: 0 501 418 750
e-mail: marketing@hotel-alex.pl
tel./fax.: +48 84 627 27 11
e-mail: recepcja@hotel-alex.pl
Poniedzialek-Piątek: 8.00 - 16.00
tel./fax.: +48 84 639 51 73
e-mail: biuro@hotel-alex.pl